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Saturday, March 24, 2018

F is for Follow-up - Blow Moulded Cart Horse

Just a quick follow-up to the other day'spost; showing that while a perfect 54mm/1:32nd scale and similar to Britains 'heavy' . . .

. . . the flocked HCF draft horse isn't exactly the same as the Britains one either (we looked at the Timpo version last time), but seems to be a pose of its own (unless you know better?) with a prouder head and more-bent legs. I took the opportunity to look - properly - for signs of a tail, or signs of a an ex-tail's glue or pin hole, there isn't any; so it's fair to assume he was docked from birth!

V is for Vanwall

We don't often visit either of these companies, and I think the last time we looked at either of them (I is for Italians) we looked at both of them, that's synergy for you! A reasonable amount of info on the Vanwall racers is here if you want it.

The Politoys (blue) is the better of the two, although weighing-in at an odd 1:41st scale? Fitted with separate exhaust-pipes and given some suggestion of suspension bars between the body and the wheels.

The base plate is separate as is the steering-wheel which is attached to a dash coming up from the floor-pan, all features absent on the Sam Toys version.

Being slightly smaller, the Sam Toys example is probably a safer 1:43th but comes with simpler wheels and no hint of suspension, the exhausts are just moulded on as is the steering-wheel, while the dash is . . . behind the steering wheel!

The irony being that while smaller-scaled it has a larger driver squashed into the cockpit - clearly he ate all the pies!

Thanks to Mercator Trading for the photo'op.

Friday, March 23, 2018

News, Views etc . . . Amberley Publishing

The latest titles from Amberley include Dr. Who memorabilia, and three ''T's - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Toy Story and Tri-ang.

It occurred to me that of the collectable TMNT stuff, presumably the Teenage Mutant 'Hero' Turtle-marked stuff will be the most collectable in future years as it was restricted to the one territory (UK) and only for a short period - early 1990's? The author; Matt MacNabb has a website as well - http://www.ninjaturtlescollector.com/

Anyway the four titles are £14.99 each and further details are from;

Amberley Publishing
Tel: 01453 847 800
eMail: sales@amberley-books.com

F is for Flocked by the Flocking Flocker!

When I first got involved in the hobby beyond my own lone collecting there was an impression that flocking was akin to magic, in part promulgated by one of the 'old guard' suggesting - more than once - that most of the flocking in the UK was done by one company.

The fact is - flocking is a relatively simple process, the machine's small enough to be affordable, and there were many flockers both here and elsewhere, the only weird thing is that there wasn't more flocking!

Here we see two hollow-casts - flocked to hell! [I'm enjoying this - can you tell!] I'm not sure who they are by, possibly the adult lion is Timpo, but often flocked-stuff was sold-on or sold through third parties such as zoos or safari park's gift shops and the baby lion-cub is not in Joplin - which leaves me guessing! Is it Taylor &/or Barratt?

Unpainted examples of the adult model in two different schemes, one with a dry-brushed (or flicked) mane, the other airbrushed or blown-on.

As this is really just a Picasa-clearing follow-up to yesterday's draft-horse HCF post, allow me to get these the hell off my PC, the flocked flockers. Probably quite modern, and sold as 'baby shower' shite, these are solid ethylene or styrene under the flock, with little paper bows.

Although having said they are probably quite modern (I saw a clean sample on evilBay the other day) they have a lot in common with older stuff from the 1970's (including HCF) so could have some age and have been novelties from before the age of baby-showers!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

HCF is for Heavy Cob; Flocked

51! - I picked this up in one of my regular trawls of the charity shops a week ago, it looked like it ought to have a wagon attached, but I'm not so sure now?

Made by (or claimed-by) HCF who have appeared here on Small Scale World several times, they (HCF) obviously cornered the market in novelty tat - badges, Robertson's Golliwog pencil sharpeners, Star Wars erasers, 'Battleground' rack-toys and with the lovely flocked Paddington's - flocked novelty tat . . . the flocking flockers!

It's certainly the sort of thing you find attached to kitsch, wheeled, mantle-shelf 'ornaments' or keepsakes (you know the type of thing, a wooden and plastic Spanish two-wheeled 'tumbrel' with a glass or ceramic sherry-miniature in the shape of a barrel) , and is the same kind of heavy horse, but there is no evidence of it having ever been attached to anything, no glue-remnants on the reins, no damage to the six rings at the end of the chains, no signs of side-poles or ropes.

So my suspicion is that while it may have been made for (and occasionally/originally sold with-) wagon models, this particular one was probably sold in canal-side or other waterway gift shops and visitor centres, as a stand-alone, tourist trinket of a long-boat or narrow-boat 'tug'?

It's construction is quite complicated; the base is a blow-moulded farm horse which - once it has been flocked - takes various glued or pierced additions such as faux-leather PVC (the same stuff car-seats were made of), PVC tubing, cloth scraps, steel rings, brass studs, alloy chains & mouldings (the large buckle), card scraps and some paper stickers - the only item obviously missing is a balancing gold star over the right hand side's eye-blinker.

Comparison with a rather chewed Timpo horse I happened to have kicking around (I won't tag it, it's purely for size); the real reason I grabbed it is - or was - because while most of the mantle-wagons are 1:large-scale heaps of wooden and polymer shite, this is basically a blow-moulded, tailless, piracy of a Britains cart-horse and near to 54mm . . . bargain! Indeed, the one other thing which may be missing (other than a possible whole wagon!) is a 'real' hair tail, although there's no sign of there having ever been one?

I suspect HCF are/will turn out to be also responsible for both the un-flocked and flocked Womble pencil-tops/figurines you see from time to time.

VT is for Varmint Trampling . . . Stage Coach

We looked at one of these way back at the beginning of the Blog, it was a cheaper, marked JTC one, then we had one sent to the blog a year or so ago (below) probably from France, now we return to - the then - crown colony of aichkay for another look at a better-quality copy of what is quite a complex model.

And this is the 50th use of the 'Wagon' tag, Small Scale World's now showing well over a hundred wagons!

From both sides, I left the driver in for one shot although I'm not convinced he is connected to the coach in any other way than just happening to almost fit! In point of fact he's leaning forward slightly as his feet are too big for the space they need to fit in, luckily I have a bag of these 'Mexican-hatted' wagon crew somewhere, so I'll get one to match hopefully.

The real crew used to turn-up all the time in mixed bags of junk as they aren't terribly well attached, and although they have a 'cowboy hat' (I couldn't tell you if it's a Stetson, ten-gallon or twenty-two-and-a-half liters!), it's usually so over-scale when you first encounter them lose, you think they're trying to be Mexicans - ironic when you think that nowadays Mexicans are all trying to be Americans!

You can see how the UK driver (Tudor Rose or Kleeware? There's one currently on feebleBay as Morestone but I've shown on on a T*R wagon in the past) is jammed-in and pushed forwards by his feet pressing against the raised detail containing the locating stud and hole of the coach's body-halves.

Marking is a VT or TV but as the 'V' is larger I suspect it takes precedence, it'll likely be something akin to Victoria-, Victory- or Viscount Toys . . . probably; who knows? [I think I've covered my arse from TJF & TCWML there?] Yellow- it's a bugger to photograph!

Note how the two halves of the coach body are also held together/in place by the base-plate of the suspension moulding.

The axles are also different from the usual type you'd expect on a toy like this, being flatter in one plane and therefore non-revolving, firmly held in place by longitudinal slots with a true round section only on the wheel-hub itself.

The draw-bar is equally 'over-engineered' with a through cotter-pin holding everything together and providing a pivot-point. One of the side ropes is missing and the other damaged so I'll be looking out for a replacement, and the hole at the front of the draw-bar/main-pole suggests a second or subsequent horse team/s - something else to look out for.

Again the roof, which on other similar toys would be either a straight plug-on, or integral to the rest of the body moulding/s, is instead held on with long pins stretching down from the luggage-rack and washers with a partial flange or catch; which hooks over the window frame. It's frankly a miracle it's remained as intact as it has?

The guy's head has been dyed a realistic flesh-tone by pigment-bleed from the unstable additives in the over-sized hat - now THAT is serendipity! The cheaper versions have integral heads  but the same plug-on hat.

Another look at Brian's contribution reveals all the same construction quirks, but copies of the French horses, rather than the more typical HK ones of the VT effort. These coaches (and the wagons they sat next to in the toy-store) were common and there are many variations of both French and HK types (and the Spainsh Mezquita seen here), and the quirky features are the same for all of them.

It also shows what the driver of the VT stage coach should look like!

Here's one issued with a simple wish-bone draw-bar ( ) and only one horse, which looks a little better in brown, I think both figures are there, but you can only just see one in the top right-hand corner.

I'm using the image (ex-evilBay; for research purposes) because A) it's about 15 years old, B) it's fuzzy but proves a point and C) is one of the commonest versions, like the steam road-roller I blogged a few years ago, or the HK copy of the Thomas Roman chariot, these small-bag, header-carded, generic rack toy 'novelties', priced for pocket-money were common back in the day, and do turn-up quite often. Note, however; that the artwork (similar to the other two mentioned) shows the full wagon with two horses.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

T is for There Were Other Colour's Available!

Black (always the baddies, the baddie cowboys always had black denim!), white, green . . . errrr . . . blue; I think there was a blue one!

Captain Scarlet? Meet Captain Scarlet . . . 
. . . Scarlet? Meet the Scarlet's!

Three iconic sculpts of an icon. Gerry Anderson don't you know . . . I'm struggling to find blurb here; have you noticed?

Because it's all in the image really. And while you don't need 400 words (it'd take an idiot to subscribe to software that might come out with crap like that in the first-place!), you do need enough 'blurb' to let Google know what the imagery is all about; if you want it included in search results . . . as I'm not that bothered - that'll do for this post!

Did I mention Gerry Anderson's Captain Scarlet? Personally; I think the Carlton-licensed PVC/vinyl Weetabix one is the best; the Timpo one is a bit wooden and the action figure is, well - a doll.

♩♪♫  Captain Scarlet - INDESTRUCTABLE!♩♪♫

Q is for Query - Tatra's World Soldiers

I'd forgotten - when I started the Q is for Question Time trope the other week - until I was tagging - that I'd started a Q is for Query trope years ago! In the interests of fairness (and an Aspergic need for balance and order in a perceived micro-universe!) I will revive the latter (which was the former) while continuing with the former (which is the newer!), using QT for real, out-and-out questions, and Query for the more thinking-aloud type thing!

This will be of no consequence to anyone coming to the blog on another day, but I thought I'd mention it. Anyway; I'll use 'Question Time' as the tag for both types of post.

When I originally pulled all the Soldiers of the World stuff together and mused on some of those questions (before we discovered they were Tatra), one of the sources described 'brown' figures, now this Zulu, individually encountered for the first time would be best described as bronze; and knackered.

But having found several gold and bronzy-gold figures over the years, it's quite clear that this chap is an altogether darker colour, which although metallic could be considered brown to some observers?

I offer it up; damaged as it may be, as an example of the [possibly] brown versions mentioned in the past, and will keep it (in this state) until a better one turns-up.

Also, while I have never previously seen factory painted versions of these; the treatment of the paint is of a 'stab-and-hope' execution that looks quite commercial, especially the lacing on the shield? Yes - a lot of us painted like this at the start; it's a query, not a fact.

As I've never encountered one in this colour before either, could we be looking at adding a painted release to the white and peach plastic issues which have turned-up since the old article? And there was the brighter-looking mid-blue on Tatra's weblog; now gone, following another take-over which wasn't driven by them this time, and has seen them all but disappear.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

M is for Minestrone of Marine Marvels

A post which has slowly grown through contribution (Mr. Berke - thank you), accident and delayed deliberate action!

Brian sent this in reply/follow-up to the previous post on the subject (itself a minestrone of things gathered together on a theme) back in May 2016, which he also contributed to and it was sat in his folder for a while, not because I couldn't have posted it at the time, as a follow-up, but because I wanted to shoot the stuff in the attic to go with it.

It shows his collection of the 1990's Kellogg's re-issue (really a re-hash?) of earlier baking-soda powered bath toys, the submarine being based on the old 1960's one, the PT-Boat, all new. The boat in the same red as the divers (also looked at here) is not so common; usually it comes in the apple-green.

I already had the upper image left over from some other photo-shoot, possibly the multi-parter on vessels years ago? Anyway, they were put together and given their own folder, where they sat for a year and a half! The lower shot was finally taken the other day.

Mine are all in the green, the PT-Boat being called BarnaBee's Boat (is he a cereal character?), with; to the left of the upper shot, some of the older versions with their four periscopes/aerials.

The larger sliver/gunmetal one is from an unknown (to me) source, probably also cereal and interestingly has the same mechanism as the boat, with the exhaust gasses (produced by the baking-soda mixing with water) being channelled out of the scoop at the back to provide forward momentum.

Then this turned-up in a bag of mixed bits from Adrian the other-week, and I was so busy looking at some of the other things in the bag, at the show, I didn't notice it until I got home! It's a whale (obviously) with the same suck/blow action as the larger submarines and divers we looked at in those earlier posts.

A whale! It's a whale! I've never seen one before, so I'm quite excited by it - I'm easily excited!

So that called for a new 'family photo' comparison-shot, with the two larger (but smaller of the larger-) submarines also visited before here at Small Scale World. The grey/gold submarine also being a suck-blow type, the bottom one being a baking-soda one - I think; the bottom piece seems wedged-on and I don't want to force it.

In the meantime, and a while ago now; Brian had sent me these to chivy the post along, it's the re-issue for Hawkin's Bazaar (et al) of the old cereal diver, who accompanied the submarine, although as we saw last time they were also sold as stand-alone 'pocket-money' novelties - as were the submarines.

From the neutral language and artwork on the card it looks like they re-issued the Submarine as well?

When I call them suck-and-blow toys, we were either doing it wrong as kids (as I always wondered at the legality of a toy which resulted in regular mouthfuls of bathwater) or they have changed the design slightly, as the instructions seem to suggest they sink themselves and you blow them back to the surface? Maybe we were impatiently accelerating the Dive! Dive! Dive! But mouthfuls of soapy water were a feature of my younger days.

Seen in the links above and here for completion; the previous, and the fact that I'd finally got them out of the attic, meant I took this just for the hell of it. The Tobar is a copy of the old British moulding on the right, as pointed out before - the Hong Kong clone has been updated to a more modern helmet with single-piece window-glass.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

F is for Forthcoming

A bit of an odd post, and more of a 'News, Views...' than anything else, but it will serve the purpose of explaining any future hiatuses here at the 'Home Blog' as I try to clear some of this other stuff to the Hong Kong, Airfix or even: A-Z Blogs.

Taken at the beginning of February, this was what January looked like in Piacsa then, we have since had most of the posts in this 'section' of the queue, and indeed - because I kept putting this post back, I kept ticking off the stuff that had gone! Now most of it has . . .

. . . as this was the picture for January last Thursday! And even a couple of this weekend's posts were yet to be created - as separate folders; they were hidden somewhere in the laptop!

It then goes down to before I had a digital camera - one of the beauties of Picasa is that you can use it as an archiving/sorting tool, even though the folders are elsewhere in different places on the Laptop, just by changing the date, it's a temporary 'Picasa' date; once you move the folder to say a dongle, it reverts to creation-date automatically.

Here we see in 2006 a couple of page-projects, which will eventually go at the top of the Home Blog, then 2005 deals with the Hong Kong hollow-horse/wild west project first started in One Inch Warrior magazine, and destined for the 'But is it Giant' Blog.

Here are a couple of finished/near finished entries, each will get its own post, with separate posts on each known-set (when I get round to further images), while there will be a comparison-page on that Blog, listing each horse with a quick thumbnail description and links to the relevant posts.

2004 is the back-burner and storage area, where, posts are born, images collected, and thoughts cogitated, when they are ready they are first re-dated to the current year (which takes them to within a single finger-pad stroke of the collage folder!) and then sent to the desktop for final editing and 'blurb'!

Latest Toy Shots - dated 01-01-04 to keep it at the bottom of the section - is the black-hole, where everything tends to visit at least once, radiating out as needed (thanks for the simile Dr Hawkins, rest in peace), it's been more than a 1000 images, sometime it goes down to 400+ (it's at 565 today - Friday 16th), but the average is slowly climbing, as like all black-holes it swallows stuff!

2003 deals with the other main vein to be mined on the HK Blog; the Khaki Infantry, these are not the Airfix copies (which I've barely started to sort - the bulk are in storage and most of the packs have already been put on the 54mm pages of the Airfix Blog) but the Britains, Marx Tim Mee and Blue Box copies. 2002 are a few odds & sods.

While some folders in '03 are nearly ready (or look nearly ready from the number of images) others are hard to deal with, due to the small nature of the sample, these will be from ephemeral sources like gum-balls, Christmas crackers or Lucky bags.
The folders will be re-dated at some point to get the figures in order!

Finally there's the stuff building-up for the next session of adding to the Airfix Blog, it's not a priority really, hence they are down the bottom of the slider!

This is what the FFL Fort folder looks like, at the moment it's simply a comparison between the hard plastic and soft plastic versions, but the hard plastic one is painted, so I'm waiting 'till the storage stuff comes out and I can do the boxes and unpainted 2nd versions and stuff!


Blanked-out folders are things you don't want to see! Well tough! I decided you didn't! Then there's all the contribution stuff which is elsewhere!

The point of this post is, if - in the near future - I don't post here for a few days, it will be likely I'm preparing a tranche of posts for one of the other blogs, not because I don't have the material! It's time I'm sort of . . .

And then there's the stuff for the A-Z Blogs, which I'm well behind with, it's all on the dongles! First; Small Scale World, then; The World! Hee-hee - youknowsit!

22-03-2018 - The following Zeds have been added since that image was cobbled together:

Zap Adhesives [Zap Glue] - See 'Robart Mfg.'
Zen - ZEN - Z.E.N.
Zenoah - See 'Horizon Hobby'
Zhaoqing City Golden Richtoys Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Helen Plastic Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Hongji Toys Manufacture Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Huangyan Jingcheng Mould & Plastic Factory
Zhejiang Taixing Child's Toys Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Xinding Plastic Co., Ltd
Zhejiang Yunlong Plastic Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Zhengyi Toy Factory
Zhong Shan Jinting Plastic & Hardware
Zimpli Kids
Zinger Propeller
Zinn Brigade - ZinnBrigade - Zinnbrigade
Zinnfiguren Böhm
Zinnfiguren Strassburg
Zinnfiguren aus Anhalt
Zollner, George
Zona Tool Co.
Zoukei Mura
Z-Stuff for Trains
ZTC Controls - ZTC Systems
Ztrack Magazine - See 'Kalmbach Publishing Co.'
Zuber, O

T is for Two - Two Tanks

An all-contribution post now with two AFV's from Adrian and Brian, we'll start with the newer, as it's so whacky it almost got its own post, but I remembered the other one was sat in the big folder from last September, so it became a 'T is for Two...' trope post instead!

Now, I'm not stretching the hyperbole to state WTF? here, am I? What The-very-actual Flipp'in Ada is going on here!??

I think it's a junior-school-gymnasium-type-piece-of-padded-play-equipment-type-thing? Anyway; whatever it is, it's hanging from a building in downtown Philadelphia! Uptown? Pennsylvania? Brian will correct me!

Now, I was taken by the fact that once you get over a large padded, vinyl tank - which looks like it should be in The Beatle's Yellow Submarine - hanging from the side of a building, you realise you are in a street of timeless quaintness. The sort of mews or side street you might find in London, Birmingham (that's Birbig'um, Ingerland; not Burmin'um, Alerbammy) or even Amsterdam? . . . or, maybe, even Birmingham, Alabama?

And while - if it were a mews in London - you'd expect it to be grade-II listed, the fact that the shackles are in the woodwork of the windows rather than the masonry, suggests a similar protection order? Altogether a fascinating and amusing couple of pictures - Thanks to Mr Berke for spotting it, and sending them to the Blog. Apart from the brightly coloured tank, it looks like a film set!

Brian suggested it no longer fit the 'small scale world', but it's small enough!

I shot this on Adrian's Mercator Trading stand at the September Sandown Park show, you often see these about at shows, but usually in a plain paint scheme, this one was leery enough to be worth shooting.

I'm guessing French, although I think Johillco had a couple of few in their inter-war catalogues and lots of other people had a go; in real life it was the first major volume-production Tank, sold whole, as kits, hulls & running-gear only or simply licensed to armies all over the world for many years, and there's a whole toy collection to be had just in model Renault F17's and the many variants/derivatives!

Again I'm only guessing, but are the tracks replacements from Meccano? Usually when you see these (in green, more commonly grey, or a three-colour 'blob' camouflage) they are either trackless or tentatively holding-on to blobs of semi-melted, semi-cracked India-rubber or leather of some kind, but these look a tad too well preserved? Still it's a good way of replacing the missing originals and that form of Meccano track is probably contemporary with the model.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

T is for Toy Fair 2018 Reports - Action Man

A weird thing happened at the Toy Fair; there was a display of the Action Man retro re-boot up on the mezzanine walkway round the main hall, lovely stuff, but lots of DO NOT TAKE PHOTOGRAPHS signs liberally spread about the smallish stand, so while Peter chatted to them I took the rather poor video that kicked-off this side-season of fair reports.

But then - when we went down onto the floor of the main hall - there was another outfit, also displaying them! "Can we take photo's?" I said, "Of course" came the reply! So I don't know what the first lot thought they were protecting . . . at a trade show? Promoting stuff?

Anyway I shot off a few, they're not the best, but then 12-inch action figures aren't really what Small Scale World is all about, nevertheless, I loved my Action Man back in the day and actually sold my childhood collection to the man behind these figures, back in around 1995/6! And they are Toy Soldiers!

Also, these have been around for a few years now? I can't remember when the 50th was but Allan Hall from Modellers Loft down there in Dorset (to whom I sold mine, and who is responsible for the three volume work on them) obtained the licence from Hasbro for these many years ago now, and took them to the odd PW show or two and Harfield's  a while back, the 50's have been out for a while now and there were 40th's over a decade ago? It [the license] now seems to reside with an outfit called Art + Science International.

I never liked the 'tiger suit' of the paratrooper, but the latter British Para' was quite outstanding. The box is based loosely on latter boxes from the 1970's, the original was smaller and windowless if I recall correctly?

They are not part of the revamped Hasbro range of all-singing, all-dancing, action-movie types with all the fluorescent idiot-sticks, interactive-whistles and flashing-bells from the owner of the Action Man rights, these are a UK-specific, limited-run, retro 'thing'.

The chap on the left was originally the first tranche / first figure released and came straight from Hasbro's GI Joe, where he is close to the US Army/Marine Corps recruit/basic training uniform of the 1960's, we used the cap with our desert set-up for a Free French FFL type.

I once really upset a Bundeswehr paratrooper-officer 'Fritz' who was staying with my parents by setting-up my Cherilea/Sharna Ware desert half-track under the cherry tree with a face-veil 'camo-net' on sticks as an OP for my three Afrika Korps-dressed Action Mans, went and got Fritz to come and have a look and found him to be rather appalled by what was (looking back) probably anathema to him - a war toy, depicting Nazi-era Germans! He - having been raised in a climate without many such toys - clearly thought I was taking the piss, but I - as a kid - just wanted to impress him!

On the right is the classic British Tommy with Battle Dress and Sten gun, albeit a rather odd stocked French resistance looking type.

I don't know if they've been cleverly matched to the originals or if the/some of the original Hong Kong-based tools were tracked-down but the resemblance to the various outfits of my youth are uncanny.

The footballers were quite problematical back in the day, both the socks and the shirt/jersey sleeves showing a tendency to ladder and unravel into long stings of fluffy fluff! So I hope these are better made.

Likewise; I only hope the wet-suit has been made out of something more modern and hard-wearing that the melty-crumbly suits we had as kids, I well remember the sleeves of our action-man's orange suit slowly getting stickier and stickier as small fragments meandered-off  and stuck to the carpets like little mandarin amoeba!

Again; the skis, ski-sticks and snow-shoes all look to be accurate representations of the ones we had when we were young, and the M1 Garand (in white, there was a brown one as well) looks equally authentic?